We do not deny the origins

It seems that to submit to the dominant aesthetic culture, is all the rage. High Heels, lips redone, artifacts wines, great design, fiction, most of the substance would count.

Last year we were invited to Casole d’Elsa in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, by Americans, my friend Richard, and I saw strange things: Americans are looking for authenticity, luxury ok, but always predisposed to pleasure , whatever the cost, no frills, also doing debts. The Italians have seen too obsequious them, attracted by the illusion, too attentive to formalities and niceties that (you think) are winning with the stranger.

A metaphor.
I think we can be proud of their origins, to remain what it is, without trying to be otherwise pseudo-elegant, it is much more rewarding and truly normal and winning, rather than pretending something we’re not. We are all human beings, and in our world today lacks authenticity. How to give birth to a calf.
The world of wine is the focus of this thought.